Friday, August 7, 2009

The role of a mediator

Rev. Saboi Jum Tries To Mediate Between KIO And Junta

Written by KNG
Tuesday, 04 August 2009 21:06

If it is true that Sara Saboi Jum is pro-junta in his efforts to mediate between KIO and junta, it is wrong. The role of mediator is not to side on either side. It is not the work of an "envoy" or an "agent". According to the news, the ministers were summoned and lectured by Soe Win. As far as I know, never before the ministers were summoned to listen to a political lecture. It is all fine for Sara Saboi Jum to pursue his endeavor personally. But it is not appropriate to drag all ministers in this process. He is a knowledgeable person. But he should work for the true and long lasting peace in Kachin land. Not just peace for 5 years, 10 years and sufferings and injustice beyond!
The true peace in Kachin land will only be achieved when there are justice, autonomy and economic growth.
It will be far worse to accept the junta proposed BGF plan as everything is under the
command and control of the regime. There is none in the 2008 constitution that any ethnic issues can bring on the table. Even some cultural preserving activities will be under close monitoring and can be banned if assumed to endanger the so-called security of the country. It was a mistake that KIO support the 2008 constitution and referendum. The regime is quoting and using it for a propaganda. We much hope that KIO/A can stand still regardless of the pressure from the regime. The KIO's proposal was already a bottom line demand.
So after 2010, according to the constitution written, only God knows the fate of Kachin people's freedom. Hopefully the proxy party will bring some benefits for Kachins.

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